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About Sloka International School
  • Are you looking for a school with excellence in learning?

    SLOKA is the best emerging, student-centric school dedicated to nurture and empower students from a global and local perspective.
    Sloka International School, the best technology school has evolved with the beautiful mission of education to live up to the lofty ideals and goals which highlight the vision and the mission. Here in Sloka, we do not stop with the amount of information that is imparted to each child but take it further to focus on man-making, life-building, character formation, and spiritual growth.
    We have been awarded as one of the best emerging schools in our zone of Hyderabad through our relentless efforts in shaping the students to be the best.
  • At Sloka, every child is provided with the knowledge that helps them find the true purpose of their life and help in development on a global level. We are one of the best schools in Hyderabad and we believe in empowering our students with resources and knowledge which they can bring into everyday implementation to make the lives of the people happy and this earth a better place to live in. The aim of sloka is to develop international-mindedness.

    In Comparison to other CBSE/IGCSE schools in Hyderabad, Sloka is the hub of the best education in Hyderabad. We believe these children are leaders of the future and that is the reason we aim at providing the best education in Hyderabad. We empower our children to face the 21st century challenges

    Sloka Core Values

    A change is brought about because ordinary people do extraordinary things with their commitment.

    Sloka has a high level of commitment that it will be more loyal to all stakeholders of the Sloka family. Similarly, teachers are with a high level of commitment that they will contribute to students’ achievement effectively.

    Sloka international school trains every teacher to be consistent in imparting their knowledge. Our students are exposed to common processes to develop efficiency in their learnings, and meet a common set of expectations set by the institution. The teachers are exposed to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to bring consistency in pedagogy, approach, language, and expectations which creates a school where students thrive & 21st-century skills soar.

    Sloka claims to generate a sense of reliability and keeps up the trust by implementing interdependent systems of operation and performance assessment for student-centered learning. We at sloka commits to be a highly reliable school for the process of collaborative learning and teaching.

    Sloka believes in honesty and integrity as important traits of Educationists. In our school, good student-teacher relationships come from mutual respect and trust. We strive hard to implement honesty and integrity in the classroom in order to create the best student and person your child can be.

    We at Sloka wants to keep up the Excellence in every aspect of students and making them competent in the world and create life long learners. Our aims include assisting and educating parents to support children to develop holistic and positive moral values and attitudes and to keep learning and implementing 21st-century skills.

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